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We are a specialist investment and business development consultancy company helping firms to establish, capitalize, or expand business opportunities in Japan. We also assist our clients to resolve their ongoing business issues here.

Founded in Tokyo in 2013, our initial focus was small to mid-cap Japanese companies that were seeking to develop markets in and around Turkey. We advised JASDAQ and JPX listed enterprises such as IMV Co. Ltd, Kenko Mayonnaise Ltd., Denyo Co. Ltd to pursue and execute various market entry or supply chain strategies like strategic partnerships, OEM agreements, M&As, etc. We later expanded our services to a select group of international clients; for example KordsaGlobal– world’s largest tire cord manufacturer.

There is no other country more deeply connected to technology, knowledge, culture and tradition than Japan. Developing a strategy to enter this complex market and meet the needs of its sophisticated consumers, benefit the offerings of its highly efficient infrastructure requires not only in-depth knowledge of its businesses or its market micro-structure, but also how these are linked to and impacted by trade and investment trends around the globe, and a clear understanding of its interactions with other business cultures, trade policies, market dynamics as well as consumer trends.

Our fundamental value added comes from our ability to navigate our clients through Japan’s business, regulatory, and structural intricacies with a fair and executable assessment of pros and cons of their prospects in Japan.

Your needs may be very specific and focused, or broad and general. We will approach every assignment with a strategic perspective and execution focus that you will find valuable, practical, and indispensable.

Our Role

We facilitate to make your business development as accurate, timely and smooth as possible. To do this, we first analyze you, evaluate your goals, then develop the right approach to map out potential suitable opportunities for building a long-term, successful operation.

We have an in-depth understanding of the Japanese business intricacies, customs, and opportunities to offer solutions that meet your needs.

We do not stop there – we stay in touch with you and with your operations by providing status reports and information calls so everyone has the information they need to make the right decision. If required we are happy to take an active and ongoing interest in our clients and their success. Because of our singular focus and independence, you can be sure that your business has our undivided attention.

Why Use an Aget

Developing a new business in a new market is a process. It requires a different set of skills than making products or offering services.

Calling in experts allows you to focus on execution rather than planning and searching, which more often than not, isn’t what you do to succeed your business.

We develop and hold long-term and valuable relationships with our clients which we believe every business benefits from as they keep their full attention on executing.


Our Mission

To provide in-depth research, and executable consultancy and advisory services to companies and organizations wishing to expand into Japanese markets, to help and assist them make decisions and resolve business issues.

We will

  • Provide open, accurate, practical and innovative research
  • Emphasis executable strategies and recommendations, not just data
  • Always incorporate client needs, provide frank feedback on expectations
  • Be willing to provide flexible, customized services
  • Be committed to providing ethically aware, politically neutral, advice

Corporate information

Name:TorukoJigyoTenkaiAdobaizari LLC

Logo: cropped-cropped-TJTlogocut2_white_small1.png

Head Office:Matsubara 4-37-4, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 156-0043, Japan

  • Phone:03-6379-2480
  • Fax      :03-6379-2490
  • Email   : info@jigyotenkai.com
  • Website:www.engjigyotenkai.com
  • Representative:Erol Emed, CFA, FRM
  • Capital:JPY 6,482,682 (as of end of March 2016)
  • Transaction Bank: Mizuho Financial Group
  • Member: Turkish Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Japan TTSOJ TTSOJ_logo