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The service

When it comes to entering new markets, the road to success lies within the realm of your business domain. But most times it is either not so obvious, or the obvious road is not always the right one. Situational business strategy enables managers to navigate efficiently from where they are today to where they want to be tomorrow. While gaining an intimate understanding of current context, business terrain, and  identity, we help organisations become aware of their options .

The components

Situational business strategy development is highly bespoke. Here is what we do when we work on a specific assignment:

  • Collect and develop insights from stakeholders, staff, customers and supply chain
  • Analyse the business context and identify potential opportunities
  • In accordance with existing context and abilities, simulate and generate possible objectives or “end-states”
  • Generate alternative roadmaps to get the final objective
  • Provide critical feedback on necessary resources, risks, and contingencies.
  • Provide operational and financial feasibility analysis
  • Provide performance evaluation metrics

Key benefits

Diversifying into a new market is not always a straightforward choice between several well-known alternatives. Situational business strategy analysis completes the picture for any business case development or market entry strategy.


Time required: Three to four months

Cost: Calculated from total billable hours plus expenses. A fixed non-refundable front payment of JPY 300,000 is paid upon the start of the project.

Estimated total billable hours: Approximately 50 hours (excluding overseas travel time if any)

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