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Tell us about yourself or send us your CV to if your profile fits one of the following descriptions.


TJT is a project based consultancy company. Almost all of our assignments lead to potential full time job opportunities when and if our clients decide to set up a presence. They will need people to run their business, manage subsidiaries, operate branch or liaison offices.

  • Veteran engineers from food, machinery, and civil engineering sectors
  • Quality control and process engineers
  • Sales engineers and marketing professionals
  • Human resources professionals
  • Veteran and qualified health care workers such as nurses, helpers etc.

Part time workers and assistants

We frequently do polls, collect data and join or organise events. We are in constant need of short term help from professionals, analysts, and assistants. Deposit your credentials with us if you are:

  • A student who is good with number crunching
  • Experienced in conduction polls
  • Available for short term secretarial assignments on fairs, seminars, and events