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A network of professionals and Solution Partners with extensive industry knowledge and market experience support and develop unique and pragmatic solutions for our clients.

Earthquake and Civil Engineering

DSC_0840Japan is leading the world in earthquake engineering and disaster prevention. Geographical limitations forced the Japanese build their cities and industries around active fault lines, and manage the active disaster risk effectively. As a result the Japanese became experts in earthquake safety and disaster prevention. Every year several large earthquakes and thousands of small ones hit the Japanese archipelago without disrupting business or upsetting daily life. Turkey is the only other country which shares the same fate about earthquakes. A significant portion of its population and a large part of its industry are close to active fault lines. TJT has helped several Japanese Turkish earthquake engineering and construction companies to develop business opportunities in these markets. Read more here.



Malatya Inonu Universitesi - 5MWWorld energy markets are going through turbulent times dominated by changes in supply, transportation, and politics. Turkey sits in the middle of a complex and vast energy corridor. Not only its own dynamic and fast growing economy requires average 5% to 6% growth in supply capacity, but also, surrounded by energy and capital hungry nations, Turkey supports critical energy transportation and processing infrastructures. Hence, there are opportunities in solar, wind, hydro, geothermal, natural gas, nuclear power station investments which create opportunities for investors.

nazimpicOur Solution Partner for energy sector is Mr. Nazim Bayraktar. Nazım received his M.Sc. from Hacettepe University Physics Department and worked as a nuclear engineer for close to 35 years gaining vast energy markets applications experience. During his tenure he took part in negotiating, licensing, and planning of nuclear power plants; involved with various nuclear and solar power investment opportunities, and spent 14 years at the Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA) focusing on preparation and implementation of electricity, natural gas and LPG legislations. He was the Head of EU Affairs and Competition Department towards the harmonisation of energy legislation. He lives in Ankara. Send Nazım a message.

Consumer Electronics, Machinery, and Logistics Support

Evolution of manufacturing process and innovations have pushed global manufacturing, marketing, and supply boundaries into new dimensions while creating difficult questions for market players. In this “post globalisation” world best solutions to manufacturing and marketing challenges are not straight forward, nor they are obvious. TJT’s solution partners help you formulate the best strategy and implementation that meet your growth objectives.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOur Solution Partner for consumer electronics and machinery sectors is Mr. Asım Özgür. Asım is an electronics engineer educated to Ph.D level having over 25 years experience with world leading manufacturers like Seiko Epson, Beko, and Turkcell. He has extensive experience in R&D, manufacturing planning and corporate strategy. He consulted to CEOs and was on the advisory board of one of Turkey’s leading technoparks advising on innovation and R&D. Asım holds MA from International University of Japan, and M.Sc. in Electronics Engineering from Bogaziçi University in Istanbul where he also took his Ph.D courses. He has several patented inventions in pattern recognition relevant areas from Japan Patent Office. Asım is based in Istanbul and supports TJTs logistical projects and needs as well. Send Asım a message.