Featured Topic- Trade fairs as a marketing strategy


Using trade fairs and seminars as part of a comprehensive marketing strategy

Trade fairs, symposiums, and seminars are great ways to get exposure to new markets while gathering valuable information. We at TJT maximise the use of these opportunities by making them part of a broader business strategy.


Istanbul is a major business centre, a port city, and a vibrant industrial zone on top of being one of the world’s most visited cultural destinations. The city hosts trade fairs and major conventions year long which TJT evaluates based not only on their individual merit, but also based on the added-value they bring to the broader framework of a business and market entry strategy. We provide:

  • An analysis of past success and failures of each event
  • Comparison with similar other events globally if any
  • Screening of potential events, and propose new ones like seminars
  • Propose the optimum presence (size of the presence, budget etc)
  • Execute the event including outsourcing when necessary
  • Maximise value by organising  targeted visits around the event
  • Synchronise timing and presence with the overall objectives of our clients.

TJT has already guided its clients to strategically attend key industry fairs like ICCI, or niche events like the Seismic Safety fair in Istanbul. We also arranged numerous seminars and field trips.


An obvious benefit to TJT’s close involvement is making the right choice. We advised against one of our client against attending a fair as it would not fit into their objectives.

Istanbul is world's number 1 destination for culture and tourism according to TripAdvisor

Istanbul is world’s number 1 destination for culture and tourism according to TripAdvisor