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What we do?

TJT helps companies expand to Japan and/or overseas by providing expert and hands-on consultancy on strategy, organisation, and execution.

What sets us apart from the rest is we provide practical help. We are on the ground negotiating when necessary, guiding our clients, accompanying them to a variety of activities from trade fairs or discovery trips to hiring and training locals.

What you get is not just paper or presentation, but real support. What we aim for is not to lay out your strategic options and leave you alone, but provide hands-on assistance in executing on the ground, overcoming the very real hurdles you face.

We want you to make money in your market. Therefore the outcome of our services is to help you make money and nothing less.

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How do we do it?

TJT’s founder used consultants frequently on a continuous or project basis over the 20 years he worked as an entrepreneur, company manager and senior executive. He stripped out the unnecessary services, put emphasis on what worked, and added a big dose of his results orientation culture. This is the outcome.

Frankly, we don’t think there should be any other way.

Therefore we simplified our services into three major areas where we provide executable market intelligence, help you with its implementation, and monitor the results.

And yes we provide content too, lots of it. Research reports, monthly reviews, progress reports and the like. With one main difference: What we provide, we actually use.

What is our track record?

Having started in May 2013, we are a new and small company. Nevertheless, 6 clients already used our services, with two more in the signing up process. You can read about our references here.

However, what really flatters us is not the number of clients we have, which is a measure of sales success. We are really happy when our clients talk about us in unexpected places at unexpected times, and keep giving us more business.

We are only successful when our clients are successful in their expansion plans. Nothing is more satisfying than seeing them make real and actual use of our work. That is very important to us. And we are willing to walk the path we laid out for them if they want us to.

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