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The service

Visibility of success-critical performance is crucially important for companies with extensive portfolios as well as for those with limited resources. Business leaders want to understand how much they need to spend and within what time frame to measure performance.

TJT is specialised and experienced in gathering, analysing and presenting critical macro and micro information to enable business owners to gain understanding of the odds of success in a new venture or causes of poor performance in an existing one.

The components

Our service is bespoke, we understand the need first and craft our service accordingly.

  • Identify the market opportunity and its depth
  • Identifying critical data and associated flows
  • Identifying trend setting behaviours
  • Collect and develop insights from stakeholders, staff, customers and supply chain
  • Experiment with the target population through surveys, polls, interviews
  • Identify strategic parts, time and cost constraints
  • Identify barriers, perceptions, realities, and regulations
  • Identify generally accepted norms, trends, competition structure
  • Identify risks

Key benefits

Our bespoke approach guarantees that clients can use results directly to develop and formulate strategic decisions. The output of Business Intelligent Reporting is fed into

  • Business case development
  • Business strategy development
  • Feasibility studies
  • Performance management
  • Change management
  • Strategic R&D


Time required: Two to four months

Cost: Calculated from total billable hours plus expenses. A fixed non-refundable front payment of JPY 300,000 is paid upon the start of the project.

Estimated total billable hours: Approximately 70 hours (excluding overseas travel time if any)

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