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The service

Companies pour substantial organisational resources to seek, find, develop, and execute new business opportunities. Business case development is a crucial step in this process to select the best alternative that brings the most cost effective future growth opportunities.

The components

Business Case Development is a live document which sets out the case for committing company resources. It explains:

  • What the business case is
  • How it aligns with existing businesses mix
  • What type of  benefits and synergies can be expected
  • What factors are critical for success
  • Its financial feasibility (profitability etc)
  • The financial and organisational requirements
  • How the new business fares with the culture of the organisation and if there will be any potential issues
  • Required internal and external resources and their potential sourcing
  • Risk factors and their management
  • How to evaluate performance
  • Milestones and their risk profiles
  • Control, audit and monitoring parameters

Key benefits

TJT offers the benefit of an independent, third party business case development for individual projects. We understand that each company has its own approach for developing a business case. We tailor our approach to the specific needs of each client, and work closely with our clients. The process involves extensive interviews, cross-referencing, and potential fieldwork. TJT builds its business case development on a “Market Research Study”. If not such study exists, TJT carries out a cursory analysis and makes certain assumptions.

Costs etc

Time required: Two to three months

Cost: Calculated from total billable hours plus expenses. A fixed non-refundable front payment of JPY 300,000 is paid upon the start of the project.

Estimated total billable hours: Approximately 35 hours (excluding overseas travel time if any)

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