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The service

Whether it is a partnership with a local business, a distributorship, or establishing a subsidiary the new structure that we put together to entering a new market is just a beginning. It is an empty box, a hardware unit until we fill the very fabric that makes a company thick.

The components

Our training and orientation program is a crush course built around the specific requirements of the new business. It is executed over a week. It delivers on the following:

  • Orientation about the firm culture and business
  • Identifying key components (choose whichever applies: installation, maintenance, guarantees, etc)
  • Dissecting key components to gain further understanding
  • Tests, and mock sessions
  • Getting everyone agree on important technical and operational targets (including sales targets)
  • Obtaining consensus on operational and technical points
  • Extensive collaboration with the clients is needed
  • Obtaining consensus about the targets, performance evaluation standards, and communication schedule

Key benefits

Ideally we would like to give this service as part of our “Execution and Set-up Package”. This is the second phase of our contractual timeline. By that time we are already very familiar with our clients’ businesses and can put together a program very easily. But TJT can devise and execute crucial training and orientation programs for any new venture. We need some time to prepare for which we need the cooperation and understand of our client.


Time required: For preparation about 2 months, for execution about 4 days.

Cost: Calculated from total billable hours plus expenses. A fixed non-refundable front payment of JPY 300,000 is paid upon the start of the project.

Estimated total billable hours: Approximately 60 hours (excluding overseas travel time if any)


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