A close look at organised industrial zones in Turkey


Organised industrial zones (OIZs) provide fast and efficient access to necessary manufacturing infrastructure. Turkey developed its first in 1962 and built over 250 since then but many became obsolete or faded out. Today the active OIZs are around 70.

OIZs provide:

  • fast, easy, and cheap access to industrial real estate
  • optimised utility areas (hospitals, convenience and utility centres, logistic centres) organised around businesses
  • infrastructure (roads, loading and emptying facilities, electricity, back-up power, gas etc)
  • exemption form certain duty and taxes
  • investment incentives (at incentive regions)
  • access to engineering and construction services
  • easy transportation

Turkey passed a law in 2000 governing the settlement and management of OIZs making them more institutional. Some of these zones employ tens of thousands of people who work for hundreds of foreign and domestic companies.

Here are some examples:

Eskisehir OIZ (Turkey’s largest),  Ankara OSTIM OIZ,  Gebze OIZ (GOSB),  Adana OIZ,  Mersin Tarsus OIZ,

Dilovasi OIZ, Kemalpasa OIZ, Balikesir OIZ,

Apart from OIZ, Turkey also has Teknoparks, export zones, and special investment incentive zones