Geopolitics of energy distribution 2015-03-17T04:20:57+00:00

Iran, Iraq, Russia, Azerbeijan are countries with major oil and gas reserves. Turkey is a natural corridor with extensive coastlines, and sits in the middle between these producers and Europe, world’s second consumer of energy.

Turkey’s strategic location between energy suppliers and energy consumers makes it a natural party to all things about oil and gas. This is why the country is always buzzing with existing and prospective pipeline projects to carry gas and oil. Recently Russia announced its plans to divert natural gas over Turkey.

TANAP pipeline project will transport Azeri gas over 1700 km through Anatolia and connect to Bulgaria which will then carry gas to Europe. TANAP’s owners are SOCAR, the Azerbaijan state oil company (80% owner) and Turkish BOTAS, the Turkish pipeline transportation company.

The Kerkuk-Ceyhan pipeline recently started to carry its oil cargo from Norther Iraq, the autonomous Kurdish region, to the docks in Ceyhan.

Nabucco, another project which has been under discussion since 2010 to carry Shahdeniz gas to Europe.

Turkey consumes around US$40 billion worth of natural gas itself to generate electricity and heat its cities. This is approximately 40% of our total energy input. Natural gas is an important source for this country.