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Key benefits

Companies pour substantial organisational resources to seek, find, develop, and execute new business opportunities. Our service fills a crucial step in this process to select the best alternative that brings the most cost effective future growth opportunities.

Our key benefit is our bespoke approach. In each case we discuss their needs with our clients. We involved them, have our clients comment and contribute before proceeding to the next step.

Our output is therefore not a theoretical exercise but a detailed, executable analysis. We tested our execution many times on the ground to prove it increases chances of successful implementation.  We cover:

  •  business case development
  •  strategy formulation
  •  organisational, operational, and financial feasibility study
  •  making use of opportunities, fairs
  •  arranging performance management criteria

The components

  •  the size and depth of market opportunity
  •  constraints, regulations, business customs, competition structure
  •  organising field and discovery trips, using trade fairs
  •  understanding risks
  •  getting insight from stakeholders, staff, customers and supply chain


When entering new markets visibility of success-critical performance is crucially important. Business leaders need to understand the opportunity, risks, how much they need to spend and within what time frame to measure performance.

Success lies within the realm of your business domain, but most times the road that leads to it is either not so obvious, or the obvious road is not always the right one. We help you to navigate efficiently from where you are today to where you want to be tomorrow while gaining understanding of the odds of success or causes of poor performance.

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