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Project Description


Whether it is an M&A target, a potential OEM or JV partner, a distributor, or a local subsidiary; our risk analysis will give you the best tools to make sound decisions


We identify areas of critical risks, uncover dependencies, reveal the entire risk map, and create visual tool such as “heat maps” to help clients visually capture entire risk spectrum at one glance, helping decision makers organize and focus their thoughts on the most relevant areas.


Each assignment is a bespoke project designed to meet client’s needs and stay relevant to its objectives.

We show subjective interdependencies to help our clients review potential risk scenarios, and forecast to understand how time impacts risk dynamics

We supplement our analysis with report laying out our findings and identify and highlight areas we feel most and least confident



We use global comparables to connect the dots and help understand if we are looking into a unique problem or a standard case in a given industry


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