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Here are some situations where we found our Risk Intelligence consultancy service can help:

M&A’s and OEMs 

A foreign company buys a Japanese company only to find out key clients leave after the merger

A Japanese company enters talks with a foreign company with an weak balance sheet and dwindling sales, the target files for bankruptcy

A firm buys another, key personnel leaves production halts, quality suffers

A Japanese company signs OEM agreement with a foreign manufacturer, one year later his product is selling under a different brand name in local as well as overseas markets

Our custom designed due diligence maps out the exact and potential risks in an M&A candidate. In cases where we make the target list of candidates clients will have the advantage of knowing each candidate’s strengths and weaknesses as well as risks. Click here to find out more or contact us.

Risks related to distributors, partners and intermediaries

Local distributor uses brand names illegally, makes commitments or promises it should not

Local manufacturing partner has quality control issues, misses on service commitments damaging brand name

A Japanese company buys a factory but finds out building is not built according to industrial code

We have an experienced team of partners who can audit factories, follow ISO 9001 or other certificates for you on the ground. Click here or contact us to find out more.

Risks related to financial portfolio investment managers 

Pension funds, endowments, family offices, fund of funds, and other funds diversify their portfolio risks by investing in different geographies through different asset managers. Manager selection is a cumbersome and detailed process. With 20 years experience in fund management, and having contributed to fund selection, style drift, and portfolio through several academic papers and studies we can help you by giving a third party independent opinion on your fund managers’ performance. Here are some risks embedded in managers:

An investor hires a fund manager, investment style drifts the investor takes risks it should not be taking

An investor’s fund manager does not know how it performs on trades

An investor hires a fund manager whose investment process or tools are flawed

Security risks

Is your factory safe? Can you travel to some destinations? Is your business resilient? Do you need protection? We create custom-made complete package to address and hedge security risk questions for you. This service is available only in Turkey at the moment.

These are just few examples. Contact us to find out more.