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A Quick Security Snapshot of Turkey

Surrounded by countries with autocratic, theocratic, or dysfunctional regimes, or countries that are in civil wars or in anarchy and chaos, Turkey enjoys being the most stable, only democratic nation with a developed industry, and vibrant and successful market economy.

As the evolving strategic transformation over the Middle East continues, Turkey has been coincidentally passing through a critical stage of its own security quest, activated with the agile tactics of terrorist organizations like the PKK, and more recently ISIS. The failed attempt of the recent military coup further increases the complexity of the current security picture.

With the fluid nature of the situation in Iraq and more prominently in Syria, the possibility of several autonomous Kurdish as well as other ethnic entities in the region is increasing. Turkey is taking measures to secure its borders and restore order over an area which it deems critical to its national security, and relevant to historical heritage.

Turkey currently benefits from a strong Government and strong leadership backed by the emerged favorable political climate of November 2015 elections. This strong posture has been reinforced following the failed coup attempt as the Government, having the full support of the people and the Command of the Turkish Armed Forces, shown swift, decisive, and uncompromising response that has no known historical precedent. Nevertheless, there is a question regarding the impact of the failed coup attempt on the future of security environment.

Therefore, while the country has been enjoying an unprecedented short term administrative strength, we may still expect to see further increases of vagueness in Syria, and in Iraq. The fluid situation in its eastern borders, as well as their impact over the Turkish south-east, and the relations with the Western allies likely to impact on potential security issues.

For those clients who are keen on getting first class security intelligence and service, we provide the following:

Security Risk Consulting

  • Assessment & analysis & Reporting & Planning
  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Governance, Risk and Compliance
  • Business resilience
  • Periodic Political & Security Assessments on the overall security conditions in the Middle East, including the developments in Syria and Iraq with regards to their potential repercussions in Turkey’s Security Environment
  • Specific (periodical) postures and potentialities of primary terrorist organizations in Turkey
  • Site & area & location specific threat and security assessments
  • Security Planning

Area and Site Security

  • Physical Site Security Measures,
  • Deterrence methods
  • Site & area & location specific threat and security assessments
  • Site Security Planning
    • Physical barriers
    • Security lighting
    • Intrusion detection and electronic surveillance
    • Alarm systems and sensors
    • Video surveillance
    • Access control
    • Identification systems and access policies
    • Intrusion testing
    • Technical surveillance countermeasures
  • Close protection details
  • Armed protection teams in very high risk environments
  • Security awareness training
  • Major event security
  • Security personnel management

Travel Security

  • Transfer & Route & Accommodation Security
    • Pick-up from the airport
    • Security induction
    • Route planning
    • Transportation
    • Accommodation planning and transportation to the hotels & accommodations
    • Transfer between the hotels and working offices
    • Leisure time planning and guidance
    • Departure transportation to the airport
  • Close protection details
  • Armed protection teams in very high risk environments
  • Security awareness notifications & training
  • Major event security
  • Advance security assessments
  • Situational Emergency inductions to the travelers
  • Continuous contacts with the travelers
  • Observation of the travelers’ activities and locations
  • Emergency support to international travelers and Expatriates

Emergency Evacuation Planning and Support

  • Continuous monitoring and evaluation of the emergency conditions before & during the trips.
  • Site & area specific emergency assessments and planning
  • Planning, implementation and updates of the;
    • Emergency Procedures
    • Planning and designation of mustering (meeting) points
    • Planning and designation of transportation & evacuation & escape routes and assets
    • Planning and designation of internal evacuation destinations, (in Istanbul or potentially in the vicinity cities if and when required)
    • Planning and designation of safe havens
    • External (out of country) Evacuations

VIP Security Services

  • Full time attendance, observation and escort to the VIPs between incoming and outgoing flights
  • Emergency and notification support to VIPs