TJT brings IMV to Turkey 2014-12-11T11:40:36+00:00


Osaka based IMV Corporation has signed a comprehensive cooperation and partnership agreement with an Istanbul based engineering company for introducing IMV’s vibration measuring and processing technology to Turkey. As the consulting company to IMV, TJT has facilitated this business decision.

What we did

TJT has carried out an extensive survey of IMV’s vibration measuring and processing equipment applications in Turkey and neighbouring countries. IMV has decided to enter Turkey through a local engineering consultancy company specialising on earthquake solution applications.

IMV plans to expand its scope of its operations in Turkey depending on the success of this current partnership.

TJT has researched for potential partners and facilitated negotiations between the related parties. During the process, TJT made extensive pre-market introduction to companies, factories and other user types as well as took part in trade fairs.

We are still acting as a consultant to IMV about their global business and have a member acting as a senior advisor to the management.

IMV is a leading manufacturer of precision measurement company to provide solutions to manufacturers, and companies which want to mitigate risks from earthquakes.