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With 96% of Turkey’s total surface area and 98% of its population living in zones of varying degrees of earthquake risk, Turkey, like Japan, sits on one of the most active seismic zones in the world.

Istanbul from the air-Home to 13 million people

Istanbul from the air-Home to 13 million people

Most of the country’s industrial, economic and social infrastructures are in close proximity to active faults lines. Around 76% of industrial centers are in earthquake prone areas. Approximately 85% of the Turkish economy depends on value generated around high earthquake risk zones.

Since 1976, Earthquakes in Turkey claimed more than 25,000 lives (official estimates) and cost billions of Dollars in damages. Scientists expect a major M7 earthquake to hit Istanbul any time. The city is in a construction rush in an historical attempt to make Turkey an earthquake safe country.

Istanbul, Turkey's largest city is in a construction rush

Istanbul, Turkey’s largest city is in a construction rush

Fertile land stock in western Turkey along the Aegean coast is rich in coal reserves, hosts major refineries and numerous power pants, produces 48% of olives, 55% of tobacco, 40% of cotton, 40% of grapes, and 75% of the country’s opium output. The Aegean where a majority of Turkey’s most celebrated archeological and touristic sites are located , is a highly risky area for earthquakes, like the Marmara region which is home to approximately 60% of all small to medium sized enterprises.

TJT founder Erol Emed is working with a leading Japanese precision equipment maker to introduce on-site earthquake warning and monitoring systems- a know-how only available in Japan due to the frequency of earthquakes in this country.

Disaster prevention seminar in Istanbul

Disaster prevention seminar in Istanbul

For this purpose we organized Japanese and Turkish academicians and engineers to come and give workshops in Istanbul’s Kandilli Observatory, Gebze Institute of Technology, and seminars in hotels and international fairs in Istanbul.

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